Refill FREC 3 Response Kit

£325.00 +VAT

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Restock your FREC 3 Response Kit with essential items with our complete refill kit. Our FREC 3 refills will replenish your first aid emergency kit with essential trauma equipment that meets the potential scenarios encountered in the emergency situations of a Level 3 First Response Emergency Care trained person.  Refill essential items including trauma dressings, chest seals and tourniquets.


High Quality FREC 3 Refill Equipment

Our refill kits contain all the essential in your original FREC 3 Response Kit, made up of quality parts all UK-sourced. Put your trust in our reliable, professional medical kits for major trauma scenarios.


Emergency Medical Supplies For Pre-Hospital Care

The content of the FREC Level 3 kit contains equipment to deal with a range of pre-hospital care emergency including managing patient’s airways, catastrophic bleeding, fractures and more.


Contents of Our FREC 3 Response Kit Refills

Each FREC 3 Response Kit refill contains:

1 x Medium First Aid Refill Kit

4 x Medium Trauma Dressing

1 x Chest Seal

2 x Tourniquet (CAT or Soft -T)

1 x Quick Clot dressing

1 x Adult BVM

1 x Pocket Mask

1 x Suction Unit

1 x set OP Airways

2 x NP airways

1 x Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

1 x Pelvic Binder

5 x Foil Blankets

1 x Sam Roll

1 x Burn Dressing 10×10

1 x Burn Dressing 20×2

1 x Burns Bottle,

1 x Hazard Bag

1 x Fluid Spill Kit

1 x Hand Gel

10 x Pair’s Gloves

5 x Cool Packs


Book Your FREC 3 Training Today

Our First Response Emergency Care FREC courses are delivered here in the South West, with a hands-on practical course that provides the vocational route to becoming a paramedic. Find out more about our FREC Level 3 training here today.

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