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STCW Medical Courses

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We put quality and practicality at the heart of all our courses. STCW Medical Courses are a great way to develop skills and knowledge. Whilst gaining hands-on skills and experience at the same time.

Our STCW Medical Courses are trained by experienced Paramedics, and serving emergency service staff, who have also been at sea.

We have invested in a high-quality training venue and quality equipment. We use real life environments for scenarios. This adds to the reality of the courses, when we bring in live casualties.

We provide seafarers with the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to carry out designated first aid and medical duties in accordance with international regulations. The medical programs cover first aid and medical training with equipment to enable students to gain hands on experience with equipment found on board ship. The first aid and medical care courses give students the opportunity to gain knowledge to allow them to take control of medical care on-board a ship, as well as gaining the theory to support these practical skills. 

We offer the range of STCW courses to suit your needs. Please click onto the courses below to learn more about the courses.

STCW Elementary First Aid Course

One day maritime course designed for all who go to sea. can be used for commercial endorsement of skipper licenses.

STCW Proficiency in Medical First Aid Course

4-day course for seafarers who assist in the care on board a vessel.

STCW Medical Care on Board Course

5-day STCW medical course for persons responsible for treatment on injuries and medical conditions on board vessels.

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