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Pre Hospital Care Courses

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Learn the vital skills to administer aid in a pre-hospital care scenario with our First Response Emergency Care (FREC) courses. Administered by pre-hospital experts, Cornwall Training is proud to deliver the Qualsafe FREC Level 3 and FREC Level 4 training for high risk environments.

From Fire Fighters, Ambulance Responders and Coastguards, to Event Medical teams and Life Guards, our high-quality training covers all the essential aspects of emergency care in a pre-hospital setting. To find out more about our range of FREC qualifications, simply click on the links below:

First Response Emergency Care FREC 3

FREC 3 is a 5-day trauma-based course for higher-risk business and event work. Meets the SIA requirements for security.

First Response Emergency Care FREC 3 RPL Route

 This course is designed around people with Recognised Prior Learning in Pre-Hospital Care.


First Response Emergency Care FREC 3 Re-qualification

3-Day requalification course to revalidate the original FREC 3 qualification. FREC 3 is valid for 3 years.

First Response Emergency Care FREC 4

FREC 4 is the next level in the FREC suite more medical and in-depth working with emergency services.

Safe Administration of Lifesaving Medication

A 2-day course to enhance your FREC 4. Enables you to administer Lifesaving medications under your clinical governance.

Medical Gases

A 4-hour course to cover the safe administration of Oxygen and Entonox in a pre-hospital care environment.

Immediate Life Support

This one day course revalidated your FREC 4 course and meets Resus council requirements for HCP ILS training.

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FREC - Prehospital care courses

Trusted FREC Training In Cornwall & The South West

Our expert guarantee a high quality training programme that you can trust. We have invested in a industry-leading training venue and high-spec equipment. By using real-life environments and actors for scenarios adds to the reality of the courses. Come rain or shine we train our FREC courses both inside and out, giving you a versatile learning experience that is highly applicable to real-life environments.

Who Are Our FREC Courses Suitable For?

Designed as the next level on from the work-based first aid courses, our FREC qualifications are suitable for individuals working in high-risk environments, such as Event Medical teams, Lifeguards, Coastguards, Ambulance Responders, and Fire Fighters. If you’re unsure whether your team need to learn the essential elements of pre-hospital care, then get in touch with our friendly specialists today to find out more.findcoursenow

Hands-On Essential Pre-Hospital Care Training

Our FREC courses are a great way to develop skills and knowledge, whilst gaining hands-on skills and experience at the same time. Our courses cover a range of aspects of emergency care, from trauma response and paediatrics, to incident management and administration of medical gases.

Cornwall Training

Why Choose Cornwall Training?

At Cornwall Training, our team are proud to put quality and practicality at the heart of our courses. All of courses are delivered by industry-leading experts with each FREC course trained by experienced Paramedics and serving emergency service staff with backgrounds in the HM Coastguard, Ambulance Responders and RNLI crews.

Bespoke Pre-Hospital Care Courses For Your Business

At Cornwall Training, we have a wide range of FREC training courses, offering sessions ranging rom ½ day to a full 5-day course dependant on your needs. Our team can also create a tailored offering for your business, building a specific course for your individual environment and requirements, before supplying bespoke equipment kits once you are trained.

Earn With Our FREC Courses

One of the benefits of our Pre-Hospital Care course range is that any student completing the FREC training with us gets to earn back the cost of the course through our event medical team unit. As a paid role at local events, a part-time position on our event medical team enables you to keep your newfound skills fresh and put into practice what you have learnt, whilst earning at the same time.

Book Your Pre-Hospital Care Course Today

At Cornwall Training, we offer a range of Pre-Hospital Care courses to suit most people’s needs, but if you can’t see what you need, then give us a call as we may be able to help! To book your course today, click on a course title to see more information and find out what to expect. Some of the courses are run when a client asks so not all have current open course dates available, but please get in touch by using the contact us page to enquire for us to run a course for you.

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