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Exceptional customer service and attention to detail is a vital part of success in the Hospitality industry. Just one complaint of food poisoning or under-age sales can leave you out of business. So why not get your staff trained to ensure this doesn’t happen. Deliver outstanding guest experiences and meet food safety regulations with our range of hospitality courses to suit all businesses.

At Cornwall Training, we have a range of courses to suit all hospitality business needs, which include Food Safety, Customer Service, Underage sales and Personal Licence.

Food Hygiene

One-day course covers general food safety regulations.

Food Hygiene Safety Level 3

Three days supervising course covers supervising food safety regulations and practice.

Customer Service Training

A course to help staff look after customers. Courses run as required by clients. Call to book your course.

Underage Sales Prevention Training

A 1/2 day course is ideal for people who sell items and the risk of selling items to underage people.

Personal Licence Holder

1-day course for people who serve alcohol and who wish to be Designated Premises supervisors.

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Who Are Our Hospitality Courses Suitable For?

Cornwall Training offers a range of Hospitality Training course to suit most hospitality businesses. The courses are ideal for customer-facing businesses who provide services like Food and beverages, or who sell items with age restrictions. Our Hospitality courses are suitable for a broad range of roles within the industry, including hospitality managers, event staff, bar staff and waitresses. With courses including personal licence training, food hygiene and customer service, your entire team can deliver exceptional service that meets legal compliance.

Virtual Hospitality Training

Did you know we can offer a range of e-learning options for businesses? We have adapted the way we can support businesses in the current climate. This means social distancing is adhered to and you get the full support you need. Find out more about our e-learning options, here.

Accredited Food Hygiene Courses

Having a good understanding of food safety practices is not only a legal requirement, but is also essential for the health of your customers and team. Ensure high standards in your kitchens with our Food Hygiene and Food Hygiene Safety Level 3 courses. These 1 and 3-day courses oversee general food safety regulations and the supervision of food preparation, teaching your team to adapt to unique scenarios and challenges within the kitchen.

Cornwall Training

Why Choose Cornwall Training?

At Cornwall Training, our team are proud to offer certified and cost-effective Hospitality Training courses. Our Hospitality Training courses are cost-effective and can be run at our training centre in St Austell, on our e-learning portal, or if you have a suitable venue and meet the minimum number of 6, we will come to you to deliver training in-person. Our high quality training courses are a mix of theory and practical, making them interactive and suitable for all types of learners.

Transform Your Business With Trusted Hospitality Courses

Our Hospitality courses are effective training sessions that cover:

  • Hazard analysis and work flows
  • Chilling, cooling, freezing, thawing, hot holding and storage
  • Pest control,
  • Food illnesses and symptoms
  • The latest industry information and policies
  • Understanding customer needs and expectations
  • A mix of practical and theoretical approaches to appeal to all types of learners
  • A new way of thinking – inspiring your team to new ways of working
  • Legal duties of personal licence holders
  • Accredited certifications that demonstrate your teams competence with food hygiene issues

Get Your Certification Immediately

We understand the importance of ensuring your business meets HSE regulations quickly. Our hospitality courses are delivered in a concise manner, giving your team the essential information they need over just a few hours. Once participants have completed the course they are immediately accredited and, if you’re taking an e-learning course, you can print off your certificate straight away.

Book Your Hospitality Training Course Today

At Cornwall Training, we offer a range of Hospitality Training courses to suit most people’s needs, but if you can’t see what you need, then give us a call as we may be able to help! To book your course today, click on a course title to see more information and find out what to expect. Some of the courses are run when a client asks so not all have current open course dates available. But please get in touch by using the contact us page to enquire for us to run a course for you.

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