Leadership and Management


1/2 Day Course

Certificate valid for 3 yrs

CTC Accredited

Leadership and Management

Our leadership and Management course is designed for people taking on a new role as a manager. 

Leadership Management

Leadership and Management

The Leadership & Management course is a half-day course giving learners an introduction to the basic concepts of leadership and management, how to identify their personal leadership style, and how to develop effective communication and problem-solving skills. 


What will I learn ?

  • Introduction to Leadership and Management
  • Define leadership and management.
  • Discuss the importance of leadership and management in organizations.
  • Identify the key differences between leadership and management.
  • Personal Leadership Style
  • Teach participants about the different leadership styles, including autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire.
  • Help participants identify their personal leadership style.
  • Provide examples of how different leadership styles can be used in different situations.
  • Effective Communication
  • Discuss the importance of effective communication in leadership and management.
  • Identify barriers to effective communication.
  • Teach communication techniques such as active listening and assertiveness.

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At Cornwall Training, we pride ourselves on the quality and standards of the training we deliver. As a Nationally Approved Accredited Training Centre, we are committed to providing the very best course experience, from initial contact to renewal. Our high standards are brought to you by our tutors, who are fully qualified experts from professional backgrounds including Ambulance Service, HM Coastguard, Fire Service, and the RNLI.

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Our professional training centre is located in St Austell and has excellent access to the A30 and A38. Where accommodation is required, you can find a Premier Inn just two minutes from the centre. That way, you can conveniently complete all required training in one trip.

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