Event First Aid Services Cornwall

Event First Aid Cover in Cornwall and beyond

CTC Medical Services is the Event First Aid cover arm of Cornwall Training.

Our Staff

As we train Pre Hospital Care courses, Cornwall Training decided to do what we teach. Our Event First Aid teams are made up of our already highly experienced and qualified trainers, and from people, we have trained. So we can ensure all our staff are trained to the high standards you already expect from Cornwall Training. We have Paramedics if required, along with all insurances and clinical governance in place for your due diligence and peace of mind.

Our Equipment

All our Event First Aid teams exceed the minimum requirements of the HSE guidance take from the Purple Event Guide. So you won’t just get a first aider with an HSE first aid kit. You get a fully qualified FREC 3 minimum qualified, paid staff with a full FREC 3 Response Bag. But most events we will supply a FREC 4 Trained staff members with FREC 4 Response Bag & equipment suitable for your event.

CTC medical services have set minim equipment for all events, which includes AED, Oxygen, and trauma kit, and somewhere to treat a patient.

We have static tents and a 4×4 vehicle depending on your needs.

Our Service

We work with you from the start to discuss your Event First Aid Cover. We put together a bespoke team to meet your needs and the risk of the event. You will receive a dedicated point of contact, full medical risk assessment, pre and post-event support, fully insured and clinical governance led team.

CTC Medical Services

We have a dedicated site to the Event First aid cover, so why not check it out at www.ctcmedicalservices.co.uk