Fire Safety (Warden)

Fire Safety Training Cornwall

What is Fire Safety Training?

Fire Safety Training by Cornwall Training, are for staff acting as Fire Wardens who have or will have the responsibility of helping evacuate staff and/or members of the public in the event of a fire.

What will you learn?

Fire Safety Training (wardens) course is a nationally recognised qualification. The course is for those with the responsibility for Fire Safety in the workplace, such as a designated fire warden or fire marshal.

You will learn about the roles and responsibilities of Fire Safety in the workplace and Fire Safety Management.

You will learn how to; prevent a fire, fire spread and the use of fire detection systems. You will use different types of fire extinguishers to get hands-on experience in their use. All the exercises are practical and you will use live fires (weather dependent) using different types of fire extinguisher to get hands-on experience in their use

What’s Included in the Price?

The price includes all equipment, Registration and Certification, along with refreshments throughout the course and a course manual to keep.

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More information on Fire Safety can be found on the HSE website.

Cornwall Training for all your Fire Safety in Cornwall

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Fire extinguisher being used

Course Content

  • Causes of fire in the workplace
  • The Fire Triangle
  • Hazards during and after a fire
  • Fire and Smoke spread
  • Identifying and controlling fire hazards
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire detection and raising the alarm
  • Means of escape
  • Principles of extinguishing fires
  • Fire-fighting equipment and systems
  • Fire Safety Laws
  • Duties and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Undertaking a Fire Safety Inspection
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments
  • Contents of a Fire Safety briefing
  • Roles and responsibilities of the nominated fire warden: On a day-to-day basis
  • What to do during an emergency

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