Major Bleed Kit

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In light of recent attacks on members of the public and the rise in knife crime within inner-city environments, we have created a major bleed kit to allow people to have major trauma kit equipment in place should the worse happen.

Major Bleed Control Kits For All Industries

This Major Bleed Kit is suitable for any inner city business, lone workers, Forestry workers, bar/restaurant staff, agricultural workers, first responders or even first aid-trained staff.

The kit itself can be stored neatly in a vehicle glove compartment, inside a defibrillator cabinet or next to your first aid kit. Keep it where it will be seen every day, so in an emergency situation, you can find it within seconds. If you have a defibrillator cabinet, it makes sense to have one of our Bleed Control Kits in the cabinet, so that your lifesaving equipment is together.

Major Bleed Control Kits For Effective Treatment

This Major Bleed Control Kit is a small kit containing everything you need to help with a Catastrophic bleed. Ideal for Forestry teams, and anyone alone working with machinery, our bleed control kit can be worn on a belt and comes in Red or Green Bags.

The Bleeding Control Kits have been developed to provide personal, fast & effective treatment in case of a major incident where life-threatening external haemorrhage is present. Areas like knife crime and pubs and clubs, along with forestry workers, will find this kit as an essential safety item.

A person who is bleeding can die within minutes, so having the right equipment on hand is critically important in saving a life. The bleeding kit contains the essential items you’ll need to stop bleeding, fast.

Trauma Dressings & Gauzes

Our trusted bleed kits are equipped with heavy-duty trauma dressings and a Haemostatic gauze to combat even the most significant of injuries. Support the treatment of severe bleeds with our reliable injury first aid kits.

Contents of Our Major Bleed Kit

Each bleed kit contains:

1 x Tourniquet

1 x Marker pen

2 x Trauma dressings

1 x Tuff cut Shears

1 x Haemostatic gauze

4 x pairs of gloves

Order Additional Severe Injury Equipment

Add to your bleed kit with a wide range of safety equipment including CAT tourniquets, chest seals and Israeli Civilian Bar Bandages. Our high-quality first aid equipment can be ordered individually or in bulk, giving you quick and easy access to lifesaving tools.

Get First Aid Training For Your Team

At Cornwall Training, we deliver up-to-date professional training for workers in a range of industries. For training in first aid click HERE


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