Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Training in Cornwall

What is Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is a method of evaluating Hazards and Risks to employees, or anyone entering your business. Risk Assessments are a vital element for health and safety management, and its main objective is to determine the measures required to comply with your statutory duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations by reducing the level of incidents/accidents.

The Health & Safety Executive in the UK defines a risk assessment as:

“….a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether  you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm….”

What will I learn?

You will learn through a range of methods and projects on how to fully complete a risk assessment fully. With the Face to Face Training with a fully qualified consultant, you will be able to talk through specifics around your assessments. You will have on hand advice and guidance throughout, to enable you to achieve your qualification.  If you scroll down to find the full list of subjects you will about.

What’s included in the price?

The price includes all equipment, Registration and Certification, refreshments throughout the course, and course materials to keep.

Cornwall Training offers a range of Health & Safety training courses to suit the needs of any business. Fire safetyFire WardensManual Handling, COSHH and general Health & Safety. As a development route for Health & Safety Training, we offer a range of IOSH courses.

For information from the HSE check out their website


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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

What will I learn?

Main causes of work-related accidents and ill-health
Costs of work-related accidents and ill health to employers, employees and society
Health and safety responsibilities of employers and employees
Provisions for risk assessment contained in key legislation
Enforcement of health and safety laws, including penalties for non-compliance
Principles involved in risk assessment:
• Defining risk assessment
• Competencies required of a risk assessor
• Sources of information and advice for carrying out workplace risk assessments
• Stages of risk assessment
• Requirements for recording, monitoring, reviewing and revising workplace risk assessments
How accident and ill-health records can be used to target hazards and control the level of risk factors that can affect the level of risks in the workplace:
• Occupational
• Environmental
• Human
Identifying hazards in different work environments
Identifying those at risk
Control measures for different workplace hazards
Suitability of control measures to:
• Prevent exposure to hazards altogether
• Reduce health and safety consequences
• Effectively control an emergency situation relating to health and safety hazards
Applying knowledge when completing a risk assessment for an identified workplace:
• Collecting relevant information
• Analysing the level of risk and who may be exposed
• Making suitable recommendations
• Recording and communicating findings effectively