Prometheus Pelvic Splint

The Pelvic Splint has been designed for pre-hospital use, and is light and easily adjusted by one person.  The soft material, with no internal stitching, minimises pressure points and reduces the risk of pressure necrosis.

by applying the Pelvic Splint it will Reduce and stabilise pelvic injuries which should be applied as soon as possible, on scene.  Studies of patients sustaining pelvic injuries have shown that rapid immobilisation reduces haemorrhage by stabilising the fractured bone ends, reducing bleeding and stabilising clot formation.

Using the preferred method of application, the neoprene can be trimmed once the splint has been sized to the patient, which means that anteriorly the splint is comprised mainly of the blue fastening material, which is only 50mm wide.  This allows more access to the inguinal region and urethra for urinary catheterisation and/or femoral vein/artery access.

Key Features

  • Made of 6mm Neoprene – very light
  • One size fits all
  • Pelvic Splint may be cut to size to allow access to abdomen and groin
  • Soft material with no stitching limits risk of pressure ulceration or friction
  • The perineum and anus are left uncovered

The Pelvic splints are taught on all our Qualsafe FREC Prehospital care courses, which can be found HERE

£34.99 +VAT

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