Israeli Bandage 6″ Civilian with Pressure Bar

Israeli Bandage 6″ Civilian Bar Bandage is available in two sizes (4” and 6”), the Emergency Bandage was developed with the most extreme injuries in mind. Designed to treat every possible bleeding wound, the bandage is sterile, non-adherent, easily wrapped and secured. It can also act as a tourniquet in cases of severe bleeding.

Based on the 4” & 6” Emergency Care Bandage designed to treat a variety of wounds, from minor to life-threatening in the hospital and pre-hospital environment.
Features the same patented Pressure Bar as the military bandage as well as the “Staged Release” system that allows the controlled application.

  • Pressure applying bar
  • Retaining bandage
  • Securing Clip
  • Camouflage coloured pad, bandage and packaging
  • Provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Quick and easy for personal or professional application
  • Trauma dressing with heavy-duty compression bandage

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£8.12 +VAT

Available on backorder