Heartsine AED trainer

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The HeartSine AED Trainer is a full-size training unit that offers anyone who uses it the chance to learn how to handle a live unit safely. The trainer matches the size, shape, and functionality of a live AED unit making it a great way to learn without using the real thing. What is more, it is suitable for all levels; meeting the needs of professional trainers, either teaching first-time lay users or refreshing experienced emergency responders.

Why Use a Heartsine AED Trainer?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death globally as response time is critical for survival. The use of an AED can increase the survival rate from 5% to up to 70% if used within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest. With it being such a time-sensitive medical emergency, knowledge and awareness of what to do in a situation such as this is vital. Practicing and being aware of how to deal with an SCA increases confidence when using an AED and gives the patient a better chance of survival.

Contents of the HeartSine AED Trainer

The AED training unit comes with a soft case, charger, and remote control. The trainer comes with various settings to mimic potential cardiac arrest scenarios. The AED Trainer unit is a trainer with replaceable pads, helping to keep training costs down.

Key benefits of the HeartSine AED Trainer unit

  • Mimics the actual defibrillator through voice and visual prompts and the valuable CPR advisor
  • Physical size and shape matches the actual defibrillator
  • Suitable for trainees of all skill levels
  • Features 6 selectable rescue scenarios to ensure a thorough understanding
  • Audible metronome and flashing prompts help to establish the correct rate for chest compressions
  • Additional information on the unit can be found


The units are held at the main manufacturer and are ordered when required. Delivery to our Cornwall location is usually within 48 hrs. From here, we can arrange delivery directly to you if required.


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