Heartsine 350 AED

AEDs Save Lives

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) in Cornwall Heartsine AED’s save lives. We are passionate about getting safe, reliable defibrillator uni...

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Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Assessment – The basics you need to know

What is Risk Assessment? A risk assessment is a method of evaluating Hazards and Risks to employees, or anyone entering your business. Risk Assessment...

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first aid training

5 First Aid Techniques Everyone Should Learn

Regardless of whether you are at work or school, at home or out with friends, knowing how to administer basic first aid is extremely important. This i...

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Training Room

Why should employers invest in training?

So why should we invest in training? Health and Safety Law Before we mention any other reason to invest in training your staff, it’s worth making it v...

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