STCW 95 Proficiency in Medical Care

STCW 95 Proficiency in Medical Care inc Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (coming Soon)

This 5 day MCA approved training is intended for seafarers who are designated to take charge of medical care on board ship, in accordance with Regulation VI/4 of the annex to the STCW Convention and Section A-VI/4 (4-6) of the STCW code, and the Merchant Shipping (Training and Certification) regulations 1997. You will need to have completed the Proficiency in First Aid prior to taking this course.


-Making a diagnosis

-The cardio vascular and respiratory systems

-The abdomen

-ENT, dental and ophthalmic

-Communicable diseases

-Wounds and injuries


-Equipment and information

-Patient management – general

-Patient management – specific




Death at Sea

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