Heartsine AED trainer

The Heartsine AED Trainer is a full-size training unit to enable staff and laypeople to learn to use a live unit safely. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death globally. As response time is critical for survival, the use of an AED can increase the survival rate from 5% to up to  70%, if used within the first few minutes of the SCA.

The AED training unit comes with soft case, charger and remote control to enable the trainer to change outcomes in different scenarios. The AED Trainer unit is a trainer with replaceable pads, keeping training costs down.

Key benefits of the  Heartsine AED Trainer unit

  • Mimics the actual defibrillator through voice and visual prompts and the valuable CPR advisor
  • Physical size and shape matches the actual defibrillator
  • Suitable for trainees of all skill levels
  • Features 6 selectable rescue scenarios to ensure a thorough understanding
  • Audible metronome and flashing prompts help to establish the correct rate for chest compressions

More information on the unit can be found HERE

The units are held at the main manufacture and are ordered when required. Delivery is usually within 48 hrs to us. We can arrange delivery direct you if required.

£275.00 +VAT

Available on backorder

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