Refill FREC 3 Response Kit

The Refill FREC 3 Response Kit that meets the skills of a Level 3 First Response Emergency Care trained person.  The contents are set up to mirror what is trained as per the Qualsafe course specification. The FREC 3 Response Kit is made up of quality parts and is all UK sourced to ensure quality is of the highest standard.  We can on request supply the individual items, or if it’s a full kit with the bag you need then check out the full FREC 3 Kit

Kit Contains

1 x Medium First Aid Refill Kit

2 x Large Trauma Dressing

2 x Medium Trauma Dressing

1 x Chest Seal

2 x Tourniquet

1 x Quick Clot dressing

1 x Adult BVM

1 x Pocket Mask

1 x Suction Unit

1 x set OP Airways

2 x NP airways

1 x Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

1 x Pelvic Binder

5 x Foil Blankets

1 x Sam Roll

1 x Burn Dressing 10×10

1 x Burn Dressing 20×2

1 x Burns Bottle,

1 x Hazard Bag

1 x Fluid Spill Kit

1 x Hand Gel

10 x Pair’s Gloves

5 x Cool Packs

£239.95 +VAT

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