FIA Rally First Aid Kit


(Part Code FIAFAkit)

The FIA Rally First aid kit complies with the 2020 FIA regulations and equipment content for the CROSS-COUNTRY RALLIES AND BAJAS. We are an approved supplier of the kits from the FIA. All the equipment supplied is from the UK approved suppliers and stocked with quality equipment, that has been tried and tested in the field with our medical team.

Our Rally, First aid and rescue kit, contains all the approved content from the FIA

  • 1 x rescue scissors
  • 1 x adhesive plaster tape
  • 6 x sterile compresses
  • 1 x roll of conforming elastic self-adherent bandage
  • 2 x finger-plasters
  • 1 x skin disinfectant (50 ml)
  • 2 x compression trauma bandages
  • 1 x CAT T tourniquet
  • 15 x cleaning wipes
  • 1 x information sheet
  • 2 x rescue sheet – aluminium blanket
  • 1 x emergency procedure sheet
  • 5 x single doses of physiological saline for eyes
  • 1 x critical burn kit for face and hands
  • 1 x 50 ml sunscreen
  • 4 x pairs of disposable nitrile gloves (adult size)
  • 1 x headtorch
  • 2 x Jet flame lighters
  • 1 x emergency mirror

The FIA Rally First Aid Kit

The kit has been constructed to meet the rigorous kit spec that was set by the FIA. We have worked with a number of our suppliers to create this high-quality kit. All the equipment inside has been tested to ensure its longevity and quality, for use out in the field.

The FIA Rally First Aid kit is tagged and traced as per the requirements and should be returned for checking and equipment changes every 24 months as per the FIA specification. Servicing and replacement are easy and quick as we will supply a refurbished kit to you, so you stay compliant, and have minimal downtime of the vehicle.

We offer a range of first aid and trauma training along with equipment that would suit the pit teams. These can be found on our Pre-Hospital Care Training and Shop page.

Postage is for the UK only, If you require outside of the UK please contact us directly for the cost.

£255.00 +VAT

FIA Approved Rally First Aid & Rescue Kit CROSS-COUNTRY RALLIES AND BAJAS

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