Burns Kit

Our Burns Kit is made up of different-sized burns dressings.

The Burns kit is a great addition to any first aid kit, where you may have the risk to treat a burn. The dressings cool the area where water is not readily available.

Enriched with cooling gel – the AeroBurn Gel formula is proven to speed up the recovery of skin wounds and aids in faster cellular rejuvenation than just water. Non-woven carrier – AeroBurn Gel-infused Dressing uses a SupaSorb™ Non-Woven Carrier, which has superior thermodynamics when compared to any foam carrier. The burns kit dressings results show that the AeroBurn Non-Woven carrier dressing absorbs 50% more than an equivalent-sized competitor product.

The Burns kit comes as

1 x Face Dressing

1 x 20×20 Dressing

1 x 10 x 10 Dressing

1 x 50ml Spray gel bottle

We supply a range of Prehospital care kits. Why not check out our other supplies. If you cant see what you need, then please get in touch as not everything is listed on the website yet.  Our supplies come from legitimate UK Suppliers.

All our kit is used by our medical teams from CTC Medical Services. So it is tried and tested before we sell.

£34.00 +VAT