FREC 4 Response Kit

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The FREC 4 Response Kit is filled with essential trauma equipment that meets the potential scenarios encountered in the emergency situations of a Level 4 First Response Emergency Care trained person.  The contents of the first aid kit are set up to mirror the injury and illness situations that are trained as per the Qualsafe course specification

This professional FREC Response Bag rucksack can be used during emergency situations in practices, surgeries, hospitals, and rescue scenarios. Due to its water-repellant construction, durable material, and reflective stripes, this rescue rucksack is also excellent for outdoor applications. For this purpose, the base of the rescue bag is composed of tarp-like materials, which equally protect the bags’ contents from water and dirt. The FREC Response Bag is used by our medical teams.

Water-Tight Finish,

As an additional layer of effective protection from liquid penetration, we offer you this rescue rucksack with water-tight seams and zippers. Combined with the standard water-repellent nylon and water-tight rucksack base, this backpack is completely protected and excellently suited for outdoor use under difficult weather conditions.

Large, Clearly Arranged Storage Space

The inside of the rucksack is outfitted with 5 transparent molle pouches with transparent lids. This allows for individual molle pouches to be removed or attached as needed. Therefore, an excellent overview is provided, making all needed materials immediately accessible. Additional pockets on the front and sides of the bag offer extra storage space for equipment like defibrillators, pulse oximeters, and important documents.

  • Bag Dimensions: 46 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm (H x W x D) without side pockets

Professional FREC 4 Response Kits

Our high-quality FREC 4 Response Kit is made up of quality medical parts and is all UK sourced to ensure quality is of the highest level.

Give Major Pre-Hospital Care

The contents of the FREC Level 4 kit contain equipment to deal with a range of pre-hospital care emergencies including managing patients’ airways, catastrophic bleeding, fractures, ECG recognition, major incident work, digestive and reproductive systems, and more.

Contents of Our FREC 4 Response Kit

Each FREC 4 Response Kit Contains:

1 x Response Bag Rucksack

1 x Small First Aid Refill Kit

2 x Medium Trauma Dressing

1 x Chest Seal

2 x Tourniquet (CAT or Soft -T)

1 x Hemostatic dressing

1 x Adult BVM

1 x Pocket Mask

1 x Suction Unit

1 x set OP Airways

2 x NP airways

1 x Pelvic Binder

5 x Foil Blankets

1 x Splint Roll

1 x Burn Dressing 10×10

1 x Burn Dressing 20×2

1 x Burns Bottle,

1 x Hazard Bag

1 x Fluid Spill Kit

1 x Hand Gel

10 x Pair’s Gloves

1 x Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

1 x Thermometer

1 x Stethoscope

1 x Sphygmomanometer

1 x Blood Sugar Kit

3 x Igel, Sizes 3, 4, 5

1 x Catheter mount


FREC 4 Response Kit Refills

At Cornwall Training, we understand the importance of having access to major trauma medical equipment. If you need to restock your FREC 4 kit then get in touch, as we can sell the individual items found in your bag as well as entire refills for your FREC 4 Response Kit.

Order Additional Medical Equipment

Add to your FREC 4 response kit a wide range of safety equipment including CAT tourniquets, chest seals, and Israeli Civilian Bar Bandages. Our high-quality first aid equipment can be ordered individually or in bulk, giving you quick and easy access to lifesaving tools.

Book Your FREC 4 Training Today

Our FREC 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care is a 5-day course and is for those seeking a career in the emergency services, ambulance services, the event medical sector or those who work in high-risk workplaces. Book your quality training here today.

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