Level 3 Award in

Health and Safety
in the Workplace

3 Day Course

Certificate valid for 3 years

Refresher training
recommended every 3 years

Course Body Title

The Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace is aimed at supervisors, managers, team leaders as
well as individuals wishing to advance their health and safety knowledge.
The qualification is intended for learners already working in the capacity of supervisor, manager or team
leader and also those who are preparing to start work at this level.
Persons gaining this qualification will know that supervisors, managers and team leaders have legal and moral
obligations to ensure health and safety within a business, and that this includes obligations to employees,
contractors, visitors and suppliers. Its syllabus areas are regarded by the Health and Safety Executive as being
important to developing and maintaining safe working procedures in the workplace.

What's Covered?

Understand the requirements for health,
safety and welfare in the workplace

Understand the benefits of using a safety
management system

Understand the principles of risk assessment

Understand the risks and control methods
for common workplace hazards



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