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FREC Courses & STCW Medical Courses


We put quality and practicality at its heart. First Response Emergency Care FREC Courses are a great way to develop skills and knowledge. Whilst gaining hands-on skills and experience at the same time.

Our FREC courses are trained by experienced Paramedics, and serving emergency service staff.

We have invested in a high quality training venue and quality equipment. We use real life environments for scenarios. This adds to the reality of the courses, when we bring in live casualties.

Anyone who completes the FREC course with us, get’s to earn back the cost of the course. We have an event medical team Therefore this means you can keep those new skills fresh and put into practice what you have learnt, whilst earning at the same time.

To find out more about our range of First Response Emergency Care (FREC) qualifications, simply click on the links below:

First Response Emergency Care FREC 3

Over the 5 day course you will learn, new skills. The course concentrates on Trauma, Airway Management, Scene Management, CPR, Choking, Oxygen administration and Medical emergencies.

Our training centre here in sunny Cornwall, utilises real life environments and people for scenario based training. Therefore this gives you an immersive training experience.

Assessments are throughout the course. They contain multi choice exams, patient report form. There are skills test within the course.

BOOK NOW Level 3 First Response Emergency Care ( 5 Day) £495 + vat

BOOK NOW  Level 3 First Response Emergency Care Re-qualification/Conversion (3 day) £325 + vat pp

First Response Emergency Care FREC 4

Over the 5 day course you will take your knowledge from FREC 3 and build on it. You will learn more about medical conditions, ECG interpretation, Major Incidents, and Anatomy & Physiology of the body, how to assist the paramedic in treatments, basic observation measurements, trauma , medical gases, and more.

There are written workbooks and invigilated exams within the course, along with skills test.

BOOK NOW  Level 4 First Response Emergency Care (5 day) £495 + vat pp 

Level 3 & Level 4 Combo discount cost (10 days) £950 + vat pp (call to book)

Administration of Lifesaving Medication

The Qualsafe course for administration of Lifesaving medications cover various medications and how to administer them through various routes like, IM, Oral and Nasal. You will learn all about the drugs, indications for use, contra indications and dosages. You will need to hold FREC 4 or above to gain entry onto this course.

BOOK NOW Level 3 Safe Administration of Life Saving Medication (2 day) £245 + vat

Immediate Life Support

This one day course is a great CPD course. You will refresh your skills in Life support and airway management, NEWS-2 scoring for SEPSIS, and  major incident working

BOOK NOW  Level 4 Immediate Life Support (1 day) £125 + vat

Medical Gases

The one day course gives learners the ability to check and administer Oxygen and Entonox medical gases. We use a range of cylinders and administration equipment.

BOOK NOW  Level 2 Administration of Medical Gases (1/2 Day) £50 + vat

STCW Medical Courses

BOOK NOW   STCW 95 Proficiency in Medical First Aid (5 day) £495 + vat pp

BOOK NOW  STCW 95 Elementary First Aid (1 day) £100 + vat pp

For more information or to book your course give us a call on 01726 932293 or email us at