Education, Assessing & Verification

The Education and Training qualifications are aimed at learners aged 19+ and has been designed to provide an introduction to teaching for individuals who would like to work or currently work within FE Colleges, Independent Training Providers and/or Local Authorities. It can meet the needs of a range of trainee teachers


Our range of level 3 and 4 teaching and assessing awards, will give you thet starting blocks to your career in teaching and assessing.


Not many providers enable you to achieve these awards by distance learning making them not only cost effective but availble when you are ready, and not tied to a classroom


We have a range of courses to suit all business needs, so click on a course to see more information on what you will learn on the course


This qualification is intended for those who assess both occupational competence in the work environment and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in environments other than the workplace (for example a workshop, classroom or other training environment).



This qualification is aimed at those who lead a team of internal quality assurance staff.


These include the context and principles and planning of internal quality assurance, maintenance and improvement of the quality of assessment, managing information, legal and good practice, work planning, monitoring progress and quality of work and providing feedback

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