Complaints Process

It is important for clients to feel confident to and be able to express their views on any programmes provided by Cornwall Training & Consultancy. Therefore, it is important for the client to know how this can be achieved (both formally and informally) and that Cornwall Training & Consultancy have a formal system to monitor and evaluate the client’s comments.


 As part of the induction process, clients are to be made aware of the four main ways in which they can express their views of their experience of the programme, Programme Leaders, environment or facilities.

  1. Feedback Questionnaires –filled in after induction or any modules undertaken.
  2. The formal grievance/complaints procedure
  3. Formal or informal reviews
  4. Named or anonymous suggestions during or at the end of course. i.e. Suggestion Box or post-it stickers on leaving a room.


  • Cornwall Training & Consultancy’s generic ‘Learner Feedback Questionnaire’ is to be made available to all clients at a minimum of Induction, completion of modules and exiting a programme if practical.
  • Awarding body complaints available on each desk and training room, identified by the trainer at the start of the day.
  • Employer meetings with staff to raise any issues with quality or performance.
  • Apprenticeship meetings to involve all parties where relevant.
  • Each centre or venue is to make available in a prominent position a suggestion box where clients may make comments either by name or anonymously.
  • The box is to be emptied on a weekly basis.
  • All suggestions must be dated and marked with either action taken (or no action possible) and kept at the centre for a year so if there is a pattern of suggestions – this could be identified.
  • Any suggestion with degrading or inflammatory remarks to be sent to Head Office for action/archiving.
  • Where a suggestion has been made by a named individual, a reply should be given (either verbally or written following Cornwall Training & Consultancy’s ‘Same Day Promise’ if at all practical.
  • Client feedback from whatever source, which falls into the following categories must be brought to the attention of Head Office within 24 hours of receipt.


  1. Comments regarding a member of staff
  2. Any Health and Safety issues
  3. Any Equal Opportunity Issues