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First Bike On Scene

Cornwall Training bring a new qualification to the South West.

With the large amount of incidents involving motorcycles and the stunning countryside of Cornwall, it is inevitable that accidents happen.

Would you know what to do if you came across the scene like this? motorcycle-accident

What would you check? Would you remove the helmet? How would you treat the injuries?

We have teamed up with First Bike on Scene to deliver their First Aid course designed around motorcycle accidents.

The First Bike on Scene course covers what you need to know, and how to be safe at the scene.



  • The mechanics and forces involved in motorcycle injuries20170804_064608722_iOS
  • Scene management
  • Safe casualty handling
  • Motorcycle helmet removal
  • Basic Life Support
  • Treatment of bleeds
  • and more…

Our trainers all have emergency services backgrounds so teach from experience.

Don’t think it’s all in a classroom!!! We have practical scenes for you to put your new skills to the test, so be prepared for whatever the weather is on the day.

Courses are available to all, whether an individual or a group. As the courses start at just £80 + vat pp. A sound investment in being able to help properly at the scene when you come across it.

If you ride out with a club, or group why not attend together for a fun and enjoyable day training, and learn to save a life together.

So what are you waiting for, call or email  today to discuss your requirements on 01726 932293 or email admin@cornwalltraining.com

footerLogo  For more information on the scheme then visit FBoS 

Supporting the people of Cornwall

The team here at Cornwall Training not only support businesses we believe in supporting individuals to achieve their goals  to sustainable employment in Cornwall.

We have been working with CSW  as a partner in the delivery of support programmes for both NEET’s and Family & Communities in Cornwall. This means we can now fund through the projects, training courses, individual mentoring support,  overcoming employment barriers and most of all personal barriers holding them back from sustainable employment.

By working closely with the local JCP offices, employers and the clients we have been going above and beyond the needs of all and devising some specialist sector based work programmes covering the needs of all involved.

To date we have worked with 29 16-24 year olds to help them achieve a reduction in barriers to learning, giving them qualifications and life experience to help them into work. The programme is working as more and more are signing up to the programme. We feel the popularity of the delivery is it being centered around the person, and what they want to achieve.  For more information on the NEET’s programme can be found at //cornwalltraining.com/neets/

Our Family and Communities programme supports both employed people on low income or hours and unemployed to either gain employment or upskill to higher qualifications to enable progression in employment.  The programme like NEET’s is centred around the needs of all involved but especially the learner. To date our clients have achieved their goals, and most have increased their employability and hours. By working with the employer we have a centred approach to support each individual to achieve their goals. More information can be found at //cornwalltraining.com/family-and-community-essential-skills/

If you are thinking i could do with some support, or know someone else who may need that little extra help, then get in contact with them, and get them to call or email us to arrange a meeting  to see what we can do to help.

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Medical site & event response cover for your needs

We have been working over the past few months, with a new client in a rather unexpected area.

Who would have thought that a small company in Cornwall would be now working in Scotland, 3000ft up a mountain!!!

After some conversations about training, to up-skill the workforce in a remote area, the client decided to employ our medical services.  We now provide emergency medical response cover, for a large Wind Farm Construction site. Our medics are working in a remote area, up a mountain ready to deal with emergencies as they happen. The medics have already been in action responding to incidents. Our teams have set up a medical room for treatment, and have various equipment kits available.

We have kitted them out with all the equipment to sustain life, until they can be evacuated off by the emergency services. The team have already run emergency scenarios that were planned by us with the clients, and all worked well.

This is the start of a new side for the business, so we can provide a fully managed service to cover all your event medical needs, so give us a call to discuss your requirements. We will talk through what your thoughts are, and then come up with a cost effective solution for you.

We have staff available at all levels of training, First aiders, First Response Emergency Care (FREC) level 3 and 4, Offshore medics, and Paramedics. All come fully kitted and insured.

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If we can do it in Scotland we can do it anywhere, so what you waiting for, professional and cost effective service.

Give us a call on 01726 932293 or email simon@cornwalltraining.com

5 Reasons to train your staff

So why invest money and time to train your staff?

So i thought i would try and put something together to show why we should train our staff, as I’m new to this blogging lark, be gentle!!!

Staff training is normally the first thing to go when money and budgets are tight or even cut. So why is that? Is it not short sighted for the business?

So here are 5 reasons why we should continue to invest in the company’s best assets “Your Staff”

1 Staff feel valued

If your staff feel valued they will work for you. People who are just left to get on with their job tend to get stagnant, and not go that extra mile. If your staff are disengaged they won’t perform their best for your business. So by training and investing in them they feel more valued and that you care. If you care, so will your staff. As a quote from Richard Branson:

Train people well enough so they can leave, Treat them well enough so they don’t want to 

2 Know what they are doing

So you have a new member of staff joined your business. How can you expect them to perform the role YOU have employed them to do, if they don’t know how you do it? Take the time to spend with the emhair-stressedployee to give them your knowledge. People think knowledge is power, but if that knowledge is not shared, how can the business perform? So take time to induct and train your staff fully and you will reap the rewards. we have all been here with the pic!!

3 Highly skilled employees

Skilled Employees can deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, By delivering high valued customer service your customers wont want to move away to your competitors, in return this will increase sales and boost your reputation in the marketplace and helping to secure greater customer retention.

4 Redutam-quote-sun-e1372711488532-770x475ce staff turnover and absenteeism

There is nothing worse than being or have had demoralised staff who get a slight sniffle and don’t come to work. We have all been there. So by investing in them as a business asset they feel part of the machine that is the business. Taking a major part out is like taking the engine out of a car, it goes nowhere. By supporting and developing staff you actually can attract new staff who are dedicated. It will soon get out if your staff are happy, as they promote your business to others they talk to. We don’t have to advertise for staff, as we get CV’s and applications to work with us every week, and we are not advertising. Just shows quality out ways cheap and cheerful. People are now looking at buy quality once, instead of cheap and twice!!. If staff are valued they will support your business and go that bit extra. We have even taken the view of not giving set holiday days, as long as the work is covered and the business doesn’t suffer they you take what you want. This has proved to be great as people feel valued and trusted as adults. There is not dictatorship within our company. If people need time then give it to them, they will repay it back over and above when you need them at that point when you need a bit extra from them.

5 Training benefits for your staff:

As staff acquire new skills, increasing their contribution to the business and building their self-esteem, they give more. As the skill improve the training they do can take them into other positions within the organisation, so give them better prospects and promotions into more senior positions with better prospects and/or better pay. We tend to take on new staff as workers and then promote from within and then back fill the position. As the staff have been with the business they know it, so it takes less time with supervision to continue to grow. As they learn new skills they’re up-skilled to do new and different tasks, which keeps them motivated and fresh. You should always, where possible, train on your time, they see that you value them enough to invest in them. A good company is seen as one that retrains rather than churns.

So there we are, just a few thoughts I had and wanted to share to see if you all think the same. I have tried to keep it short and sweet, so you didn’t get to bored of reading, and need a second cup of coffee to get to the end.

My last note on training provision!…

Just one final note we have found by talking to lots of employers, cost isn’t everything, as they say you get what you pay for within reason!! Please check fully the credentials of your training providers, make sure the qualifications meet the national standards, the trainers are qualified and experienced. We have all been on course where they read from the PowerPoint!! that’s not training. Are the providers robust enough to cover sickness on the day you have booked them for. There are a lot out there that give attendance certificates which is not a proper nationally recognised qualifications, and that why its so cheap!! National companies trade on the names, so you think they are the best because they are so big, so give a thought to your local providers who will treat you as valued customers and always go the extra mile, and you will be supporting local businesses.

Now here is the little plug for our business Cornwall Training can support business of all sizes and can offer cost effective training solutions across a range for courses and needs. So as one last thing, pop over to www.cornwalltraining.com and see what we can do to help with all those 5 reasons to train your staff


Cornwall Training join forces with SWAST and respond to the community


We at Cornwall Training have joined forces with South West Ambulance Service Trust to become a team of Community Responders covering the local community of St Austell.

So what is a Community Responder?

Every day, Responders from across the South West attend medical emergencies which are life threatening calls, within their local communities. Sometimes it is providing reassurance prior to the arrival of an ambulance; sometimes it is saving someone’s life.

CFRs attend particular types of medical emergencies where it is essential for the patient to receive immediate life-saving care. This includes conditions such as:responder-1

  • cardiac arrest;
  • chest pain;
  • breathing difficulties;
  • unconscious patients;
  • fitting;
  • stroke.

As the team at Cornwall Training, who train First Aid to local businesses and individuals, it was the next logical step to take lifesaving skills to who need them. The team of 3 led by the directors give the time to the employees to train and respond during working hours. The team then take it in turn to take the kit home and respond from there if they wish to.

The team are all volunteers and get no payment for any jobs they do, so we will be looking to set up some fundraising to keep this vital community service running and growing in St Austell.

On the first day of being live after weeks of training, HR paperwork, DBS checks and training with ambulance crews, we had 6 jobs, all from calls for help in the St Austell community.


In a life-threatening emergency

Always call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk.

Examples of medical emergencies include (but are not limited to):

  • chest pain
  • difficulty in breathing
  • unconsciousness
  • severe loss of blood
  • severe burns or scalds
  • choking
  • fitting or concussion
  • drowning
  • severe allergic reactions.

When it’s not a life-threatening emergency

If it is not a life-threatening emergency and you, or the person you are with, do not need immediate medical attention, consider other options before you dial 999:

  • Look after yourself or the patient at home. If you cannot stay at home, see if family or friends are able to help.
  • Talk to your local pharmacist.
  • Visit or call your GP.
  • Call NHS 111.
  • Visit the NHS Choices website.
  • Make your own way to your local A&E department, walk-in centre, minor injuries unit or urgent care centre. (Arriving in an ambulance does not necessarily mean you will be treated more quickly.)


If you think you have what it takes to be a responder and support your community take a look HERE SWAST RESPONDERS for more information

For more information or to book your course give us a call on 01726 932293 or email us at admin@cornwalltraining.com