Event Medical Services. Why do you need them?

CTC Medical Services started in 2016 and has been providing gold standard medical cover for events since 2016 as the event medical arm of Cornwall Training & Consultancy Ltd. It has taken us to some interesting places, from the snowy mountains of Scotland to Heavy Metal concerts, we have been there. We pride ourselves in providing highly trained, highly professional and adaptable event medical personnel whenever and wherever it’s required. Here are 5 reasons why investing in the medical cover is worth it with CTC Medical Services 

Here are 5 benefits of investing in Event Medical Cover

1) It will give you peace of mind.

Planning and running an event can be a stressful experience. This whole process can be made even more stressful when things go wrong when the unexpected happens. A robust Health & Safety Management System can reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring but no matter how good your Risk Management is, you will always be left with residual risk. Once you put human beings into the equation, things have the potential to go wrong.

What could go wrong at a small event?

We recently attended a firework display which was incredibly well run. At worst, we expected someone to be burnt by a sparkler or firework but that didn’t happen. However, our team did have to deal with an unintentional opiate overdose. It’s an old cliché but it reinforced the importance of expecting the unexpected. No-Risk Assessment could have prevented an incident like that.

Let us deal with the drama, let us pick up the pieces and let us fix people. CTC Medical Services uses paid staff. We can’t rely on volunteers. As per Section 5.22 of the HSE Purple Event Guide’s recommendations, we don’t use First Aiders. We will only use staff that hold a FREC 3 qualification or above. This qualification is very similar to that of Community First Responders. This gives us the confidence that they will be able to provide an appropriate level of care and it gives you the confidence that the medical team at your event are suitably trained and equipped.

Just remember, there’s often a very concerning reason why something is extremely cheap. Be wary of companies that offer you a helicopter, three Jedi Knight Paramedics and a Ninja Nurse for £5.99.

2) It will give members of the public peace of mind.

Having a visible medical presence at your event reassures the public that they are attending a well-delivered event. For obvious reasons, we normally have our Mobile Treatment Unit situated in visible locations. You may think it’s a given that people book medical cover for every event, it’s not. We have seen numerous examples are attempts to save money and this is often seen through a lack of security or medical cover.

Hindsight is an easy thing to have. We can all look back on events in our lives and think that we should have done things differently or not said something in the way that we did. Foresight is much harder to have. We often hear the phrase “It will never happen” or “we have never had an incident” and guess what? It does happen.

When you have no medical cover in place and things go wrong, the public will notice it and this has the potential to unleash an enormous can of legal worms, and social media will just fuel the fire with live streaming.

We attend a number of high-risk events. If your family member was running in a marathon or competing in a motor-cross event, you would want a suitable level of medical provision in place should an incident occur.

3) It is a legal requirement.

Aside from moral reasons, we have a legal duty to provide First Aid/Medical that meets the requirements of the event and the level of risk involved. Failing to provide this could result in significant fines and in some cases, custodial sentences.

The Health & Safety Executive stipulate that employers and principal contractors have a duty to do what is reasonably practicable with regards to providing First Aid/Medical Cover within the workplace and at events. Your local authority will want to know what level of cover you are providing in order to grant your license. If you are not sure the level of cover you need, then you can use our FREE event calculator based on the HSE recommendations.

4) It takes the strain off the NHS.

We all love our National Health Service. Local authorities expect event organisers to provide a level of medical care that is suitable and sufficient for the type of event you intend to run. You may not think it is a benefit to you but it really is. The last thing anyone wants is for ambulances and patients to be stacked up outside Accident & Emergency as a result of your event failing to provide the adequate level of medical cover. It could be your friend or family member in the queue waiting for a bed.

We have been at numerous events where our staff have been able to internally manage patients and avoid referrals to Minor Injury Units or A&E. If we need the help of the Ambulance Service to convey patients to a hospital then we won’t hesitate to ask but where possible, our team of First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics will do their best to treat patients on scene.

5) Insurance

You may find that your insurance is void if you fail to provide suitable medical cover at your event. You may be tempted to cut corners and work under the hope that nothing will go wrong…… until it goes wrong. What are the chances of it going wrong? Well, if you and your sub-contractors have a robust Risk Management Policy is in place then hopefully you will reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring at your event but you’re spinning the while of probability. As we mentioned in reason number one, it’s not accidents that we prepare for, people become can just become unwell.

Your local authority will want to know what level of cover you are providing in order to grant your license.

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