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Accredited Vs Non Accredited Training?

Non accredited is training that is put together with no guidelines or quality checks, hence why it is cheaper. The trainers are not checked and the so called certificates of attendance mean nothing. There are no checks on the training and if anything goes wrong after the training there is no guarantee the training would have been taught to the right  standard, and YOU have to do the checks to ensure its all correct. It may meet some of the requirements of the HSE or other governing bodies, so buyer beware of any certificate stating attendance certificate. We at cornwall training do not run Non Accredited training as we have seen time and time again trainers having to stop teaching as their qualifications don’t meet the awarding body guidelines

Accredited: Means the training is set by national awarding bodies to a set standard, the trainers are vetted to have occupational experience and training qualifications. The providers are audited annually and have spot checks to ensure quality is being delivered. Its slightly more expensive but the quality can be guaranteed, so your due diligence is covered. So it’s a safer bet all round for you the customer. As they say “buy cheap pay twice”. As trainers we only run accredited training as this safeguards you our customers from any due diligence issues and we can stand up to any audit we are put through. So be wary when choosing your training provider that they meet your needs not only in the short term but longer term.

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