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As with all new courses we deliver its always great to get constructive feedback on how the course went.
We have been actively promoting the FREC First Response Emergency Care course across a wide range of working sectors.
THL Superyachts contacted us and we were pleased to help.
All our trainers are serving paramedics and the tutor on this course also had the maritime experience from around the world.
This has also go us thinking of a new development for our business, so watch this space.
I wanted to share the feedback from Daisy from her blog.
So if you don’t already have a confirmed First aid training provider then take a look at Daisy from THL’s blog.
If you have any questions or want free advice then just give us a call.  We work at various levels with different awarding bodies so can come up with a solution to meet your needs.
 Tel 01726 932293
For more information or to book your course give us a call on 01726 932293 or email us at